Let’s Talk About Sex Baby: Doing “It”

Sex is the most natural thing on earth next to breathing and water. It sure as hell has been around for just as long and is one thing many of us have in common because whether or not you’re engaging in it, we’ve all thought about, talked about or watched it in some form on a screen. So that’s why this month is all about that three letter word and a number of things that comes with it; being safe, slut shaming and holding onto your v-card. We’ll get to all of those but first let’s get to the basics of sex and more importantly what it means to young adults.

Right now we’re living in a culture where casual sex is becoming more and more of the norm due to the hype circulating around apps like Tinder and Grindr. No longer does one have to wait around in a bar for a nightly endeavor because today all one has to do is swipe right on someone and hope they reciprocate. They of course also have to hope that person is up for the hook up too because not everyone is into actually partaking in such practices. Those who are though are just getting out there and finding out what they like and do not like, and I celebrate them for that. While Stella Got Her Groove Back in an excellent film, you don’t want to be over the hill when you find that groove in the first place. Like the great Margaret Cho once said on a stop by The Real, “Sometimes a little slutiness can be healing.” I think what she meant was that sexual exploration can help you find out who you are in a number of ways. It can also be a fun time.

Now this is where it gets tricky because some may confuse sex with emotions and that’s where things get complicated (Meryl Streep shout out!). Recently I talked to a sex therapist and she said this may affect women more because for heterosexual couples, it’s much more intimate for a woman to have someone enter her than it is for a man to just stick it into someone. She said it in a more educated way, and we’ll hear more form her tomorrow but for now that’s where we’re at with Patricia Futia on the subject of intimacy vs. sex. There are a number of layers to sex other than the physical act and she noted to me that because of our lack of education in the US, we often see right past that and just assume sex is one thing and one thing only; genital interaction resulting in an orgasm.

If you strip away the feelings and just focus on the physical than our generation is taking full advantage of their sex lives, but of course like with all things – you want to be safe and smart about it. While we lack a certain level of education in this country, we all should have been in Health the day we learned the importance of condoms and the dangers of STDS. Not to mention the one that lasts a lifetime; kids. Totally joking to those of you who have little balls of joy! Kids are a total blessing…Anyways, while sex is an absolute gift, you don’t want to wind up having to explain to grandma why you have something on your lip and can’t share your chapstick with her after your semester abroad.

So the rest of this week will be a variety pack of sorts. We’ll continue getting to know more from Patricia, look at my adventures, talk about my favorite thing Aubrey Plaza has ever done and top it with a top 10.


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