Forever Alone: Top 10 Places to Go From Single to Taken

One of the hardest parts about dating is knowing where to look. So I’m here to lend a helping hand and offer you 10 of the perfect places to meet people if you’re swinging single and ready for something more.

10. Online

Don’t knock it until you actually take the time to meet someone in real life after connecting after a right swipe.

9. Dog Park

You already know they’re dog lovers, so PLUS. But at the same time, if you fail to find love there, at least you got to hang out with puppies.

8. Concert

You like the same music…so the conversation starter is already set in place.

7. Sporting Event

Unless you two are rocking opposing jerseys…

6. Bookstore

Get on the…wait for it, same page. Dad joke aside, you can browse a lot more than the latest R.L. Stine release.

5. Convention

Geeks and nerds aren’t all as socially awkward as pop culture has made them out to be. If you see someone cute, say hello!

4. Speed Dating

If you’re a little nervous dating, just jump in head first and date like 25 guys in an hour.

3. The Gym

Stop staring at their body and actually start exercising your vocal chords.

2. Volunteering

You’ll both be happy to know you’re dating someone who gives back to their community.

1. A Friend’s Party

Take advantage of these social gatherings and don’t just ignore their Facebook invite.


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