Peeling Back the Layers of Shrek’s Loneliness
Before there were too many sequels that wound up making Shrek a bit of an annoyance, this movie was top notch. The first one is possibly one of the best animated films of all time as it took classic fairy tale aspects we’re all familiar with and made them come alive in a whole new way with the introduction of Shrek to a new audience. An ogre who lived in a swamp who had a face only a mother could love, he existed in solitude and was okay with that up until he had to save his homestead by retrieving a princess. Of course he came to fall in love with Princess Fiona but though she was far from his league. How could this beauty ever love a beast (another fairy tale aspect right there). Of course we learn that Fiona was also an ogre and the two wound up living happily ever after…

What Shrek taught us is that you have to take a chance in love because you never know what you’re going to get until the chance is taken, right? Turns out Fiona was basically him in a wig. So they were a match made in heaven and they proved that there is indeed someone out there for everyone, and that not everyone is destined to be forever alone. Perhaps this is why there are so many Shrek inspired weddings out there in this world. Being someone who often thought that she’d never find a guy who’s think she was beautiful unless she looked like the stereotypical idea of what a gorgeous woman looks like, I could relate to what some of these brides and grooms likely saw in Shrek and their own love stories. When you feel like that and then find someone you connect to, it’s unbelievable at times – much like a fairy tale.

Shrek was a gruesome loner who likely never thought twice about finding someone to spend his life with, but then one thing led to another and Fiona was in his life. Out of his league in the daylight, he felt he had zero chance to make anything romantic happen. Of course we all know that sparks did fly and they found one another in this crazy world.


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