The MIA Single Lady

We’ve been here before and it’ll likely happen again, but my interview subject for this week wasn’t able to get their answers back to me. I can only hope it was because she was no longer single and was unable to fully relate to the questions placed before her, or she got busy with her kickass career as a legit makeup artist. Either is possible and either possibility is totally fine. It would’ve been nice to know though what a 20-something had to say about the reality of being single in a day and age where hook ups are more the norm than commitment thanks to apps making casual sex a-okay for most her age.

Knowing nothing of her personal life in that way, I can’t say whether or not she partakes in the Tinder world where one swipe could land you some action for the night. I also can’t imagine what she’d say about her outlook on all of those apps out there. I’m sure it would be hilarious because she’s one of the few people on Facebook whose statuses don’t make me roll my eyes like, “Shut the fuck up bitch.” Instead I always stop at hers to laugh and then I move on. She’s a comical escape from the cascade of mundane.

Speaking of mundane, I wanted to know what she thought of the idea that single people continue to live that solo life because they’re obsessed with “the best.” This stems of course from my Holy Bible AKA Modern Romance. In a society that will not eat somewhere without pouring hours into Yelp reviews, we tend to do the same with our love lives. This guy who seems like the total package may not be it, what if the next guy is even better than the last? I mean, that taco place you had last week…was it better than the next? You’ll never know unless you keep on trying all the taco stands! In reality, that’s not how one should treat dating because in the end, you’ll never really find perfection because it does not exist. I know this now because Zac Efron went and got too muscular and now looks like the personification of a steroid.

Then there’s the stigma that comes with being single at a particular age. What would she have said about that? Other than some quick quip, I’m not too sure. Nor do I know if she resents her friends who are in healthy, happy relationships. She either the type of person who doesn’t give it a second thought, or the bitter single who scoffs at couples on the daily. Knowing her, I’d say she looks the other way but doesn’t shy away from a sarcastic, yet comical, comment when necessary. Rounding it out, what would have been her high and low of her solo stance? There is as many answers for each as there are dating apps that get you laid, so your guess is as good as mine on that one.


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