Seeing Both Sides of the Breakup
Having spent almost half his life dating, Chris’ longest relationship in all those years he has been on both sides of the fence when it comes to breaking up. Be it because he felt he didn’t love the girl like one should love a girlfriend anymore, or something else – he’s called it off more times than he’s been dumped but notes that it’s not great sitting in either seat. Now he’ll talk a bit more about his misadventures in love…

Kendra: Do you still remember your first breakup? How did that go?

Chris: It was horrible. I was 17 and was dumped by the first girl I had ever loved for another guy. It broke my heart and messed me up for a long time.

Kendra: Over the years, have you been the dumper or the dumpee more?

Chris: Mostly been the dumper. Lucky enough to have only been dumped a few times.

Kendra: When a breakup happens, how long until you’re ready to move onto the next real relationship?

Chris: It really depends on how serious the previous relationship was and how it ended. For me on average it takes several months.
Kendra: Do you think the “recovery” time varies depending on if you were the one who ended it or not?

Chris: 100%! If you’re the one ending it you’ve already moved on. You may not start dating again immediately but you’ve already emotionally moved past the relationship. Whereas if you’re the one getting dumped and you’re caught off guard you’re in for a rough few months.

Kendra: Can you usually sense when the end of a relationship is coming?

Chris: I’ve been able to do far *knocks on wood* but I don’t think everyone has that luxury.

Kendra: What signs do you think people should look for to know a breakup talk is going to come?

Chris: Distance is the number one thing. Maybe they don’t respond to calls or texts as much. A sense of physical distance when you’re together. And them being much less tolerant of things they once claimed to find cute or endearing.
Kendra: More and more people are turning to texting to break up. Classy or trashy in your opinion?

Chris: Trashy! If you’re going to destroy somebody you need to sack it up and do it to their face. It’s the least you could do!

Kendra: What is the biggest high and low of breaking up with someone?

Chris: Freedom from a toxic or negative relationship can feel light a huge weight off your shoulders! Alternately, being dumped by someone you really love is THE WORST feeling in the world. You’ll never feel lower than when you’re rejected by someone who still has your heart. And there’s always the loneliness and lack of companionship to deal with.


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