Relationship Goals: Top 10 Things You Need to Have a Successful Sailing Ship
Many relationships have the shelf life of a banana; great today, useless tomorrow. So when it comes to making one – a relationship, not a banana – last you need to have a few (or all) of the following to insure that you’re not back on Tender two weeks after changing your relationship status on Facebook from “Single” to well, “In a Relationship.” So here are 10 things you need to have to make sure your ship doesn’t sink.

10. A Special Place
Whether it’s where you had your first date, or where you two just love hanging out on the weekends – every couple should have that one spot where they can go when life seems overwhelming to hash out reality together.

9. Teamwork

Speaking of together…you cannot both push. Someone has to pull. It’s all about being part of a dynamic duo.

8. Attraction
Looks aren’t everything, but let’s be honest here. They are something. So when you feel like you’re getting comfortable, remember that sometimes it’s still nice and appreciated to dress up for one another.

7. Adaptability
No one should change who they are when they get serious with someone, but both should be open to at least trying new things their partner is into.

6. Humor
I’m sorry but if the person you’re dating cannot make you laugh or doesn’t get your sense of humor – DONE.

5. Attentiveness
We live in a time when people are constantly glued to their phones and whatnot. Cut that shit out when you two are together. It’s fine if you’re just hanging out at home, but on a date you should be focused on what one another is saying, not what a Kardashian is tweeting.

4. Communication
Which leads us to this. Keeping things in with only let them fester into negativity. When there’s a problem, make sure to talk it out. Keep those lines open.

3. Sex
This is self-explanatory but for those living like nuns…sex is great and the sex between you and your partner should be more than that.

2. Respect
Joking around with one another is one thing, but dating someone should not be a constant Comedy Central Roast.

1. Honesty
No lying and no cheating. Simple as that.


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