Relationships from ‘A to Z’
With each season comes new TV shows and it’s likely that most will fail and you’ll never see them again. A to Z was one of those shows back in 2014 on NBC and come that January, it was gone. Which was a shame because other than starring an adorable couple that wasn’t SO white, it was also hilarious, delightful and to me, educational.

The plot was easy enough, Andrew worked at an dating site and Zelda works at the law firm in the building next door. He’s waiting for his dream girl and she’s way into her career at the time. They meet, they fall for one another and with the help of the ABC’s, we were invited to witness their highs and lows from meeting the family to how to deal with jealous friends. Each episode was represented by a letter and sadly we only ever got to “M.” What was to come with the others? We’ll never know, but what came before that in the alphabet was a great show that explored the realities of a new relationship quite well.
One of the best episodes being “K is for Keep Out” in which Andrew and Zelda have a hard time getting any alone time because they both live with roommates, and their roommates are both dating people who are always over. In true sitcom fashion though things go wrong, but it goes to show one of the biggest hangups for young adult couples; space and time. No one wants to make their roomies listen to them, um…make whoopie, but at the same time everyone is an adult and has the right to do so when they please. Another great episode happened to be the last when we think Andrew and Zelda are doomed thanks to another classic sitcom twist – the job offer and the ex. In the end it all works out thanks to their meddling besties, but at the same time – we’re still left wondering what became of those two.

As a guarded person, I connected with Zelda a lot of the times and was kind of guiding my new found relationship with this show at the helm and then, BAM! It was gone and I had to take back control and start to learn on my own. It was like my tutor quitting out of nowhere. While my lessons didn’t continue, the biggest one I took away is that you’re going to meet the person you spend the rest of life with by chance and it’s going to take a lot of work to make it through the small stuff but man, when you get to those big, glorious moments – all that other stuff washes away.


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