Check “Yes” or “No”: Top 10 Ways to Tell If Your Crush Like-Likes You Back
Crushes can develop at any age, but when we’re older the fear of rejection often holds us back from letting our feelings be known. Of only there were signs pointing us in the right direction. Well there are, here are the top 10 ways to know if your crush likes you or…like-likes you.

10. They’ve Said “You’d Be the Perfect Boy/Girlfriend” on Numerous Occasions
You two may be just friends, right now, but if they have let these words slip out of their mouth at least once – chances are they don’t want to be friends much longer.

9. You’re Their Shoulder to Cry On
They could just be an emotional wreck, but if they’re not drama queens then perhaps you’re the one they trust most in this world and honey, trust goes a long way.

8. They’re Constantly Blowing Up Your Snapchat
It’s like no one else exists on that app but you two.

7. You Always Catch Them Staring at You
Whether it’s at work, school or when you’re hanging out with a group – their eyes are always on you.

6. They Laugh at All Your Jokes, Even the Horrendous Ones You Weren’t Sure Of
When even your lame Dad-jokes get a laugh, there’s something there.

5. They Take Any Opportunity to Touch You…In a Totally Non-Creepy Way
If teen magazines taught me anything as I searched them for Backstreet Boy pictures, it’s that body contact is a tell tale sign on romantic interest.

4. They Want to Hang Out All the Time
You two are spending more time together than that weird ass Duggar family.

3. They Always Find a Reason to Sit by Your Side
When you have a meeting at work, where do they sit? When you’re all out with friends, where do they sit? Think about it.

2. They Broke Up with Their Significant Other Soon After You Two Became Buddies
Hello! It could be coincidence, or it’s a sign they found someone better and that someone is you!

1. They’ve Sent You “Playful” Photos of Them Half Naked
Here’s the thing, you do not send half naked photos of yourself to your mom. Unless you’re a Kardashian, which I’m sure they do for monetary reasons. So if you happen to get one of these “playful” but provocative pics – game on.


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