John Krasinski Has Done Way More than ‘The Office’
Hopefully by the end of the year I will find a way to include a piece about Away We Go in this whole thing, but today we’re talking about another gem from John Krasinski, Something Borrowed. In the grand scheme of looking at facets of pop culture where adults have crushes on one another I came up blank months ago and quite honestly hadn’t thought of it until this week rolled up on me and was like, “Well, you better rack that brain for something.” That’s when Something Borrowed came to mind.

The story of a girl and guy who went to law school together, all the while she had a crush on him but instead of telling him – he falls for her “hot” friend instead and they wind up engaged. Then of course the two friends get drunk, feelings are revealed and an affair is had. Krasinski is none of the three aforementioned characters. In fact, his crush reveal doesn’t come until the end when you find out he (obviously) had been in love with the cute, shy girl who was having an affair with her “hot” friend’s man the whole time. In all of this we resort back to my Streep favorite (and another Krasinski gem) – it’s complicated.
It wouldn’t have been that way if the girl had just come out and told the guy how she felt all them years ago when they were studying law late at night in the library. Since they wound up having an affair, it is clear that he shared her feelings. What’s sad that is that Krasinski would have been left in the dark had he been honest about his crush since she was into her lawyer buddy the whole time. However, at least he wouldn’t have had to watch her pine over another guy all those years with a “what if” idea about the two of them in the back of his head. He would’ve known, yeah – she’s definitely not going to be mine because she’s his. If there’s one thing worse than having a crush, it’s being their best friend and watching them date other people…

What Something Borrowed taught us is that keeping your crush to yourself may lead you to wasting a lot of time because perhaps your crush was into you the whole time, OR maybe they weren’t. The lesson in love is that you have to take a chance and make those feelings known because while there are two sides of the coin, one being great and the other not so much, at least you can move on when it lands because either outcome allows for that. The lawyers could’ve had more time together had they just spoken up earlier, and Krasinski could’ve let go of his little crush when that happened – knowing that his best friend had found “the one” and that it was never going to happen between them.

It’s easier said than done, but just give it a chance the next time you feel those feelings of crushdom creeping in on you. Flip that coin and go for it because either way you’re going to get an answer and each will allow your life to move forward, be it good or bad news. Plus remember, there are billions of people on earth and if this one crush wasn’t the one – well someone else is.


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