Swipe Right: Top 10 Unique Dating Sites

There are dating sites out there for every type of person known to man. Want to date a farmer? They got you covered. Are you a clown looking to get down with another balloon animal making person? Hello, Clown Dating exists. While those are great, there are actually some more interesting and unique options out there for those into everything from cats to fitness to hooking up their parents with someone and more.

10. Positive Singles

It’s hard to find someone to date when you’re rocking a positive STD test, but alas there is a site where you and others dealing with those results can meet for romance or just good old fashioned support.

9. Gothic Match & Vampersonals

Because these two are very similar in many ways, I went ahead and put them together. Those into the darker side of life and well, vampires are the ideal people meeting on this one.

8. No Longer Lonely

With the conversation about mental illnesses growing more and more, there had to be a place online where people living with them could meet and date others who are in the same boat as well.

7. Pounced

Into that Furries lifestyle? Here you go…

6. Equestrian Cupid & Purrsonals

Animal lovers (not in that way!) are nice people who often want to pair up with others who care as much about their creature friends as they do. Here is a site for those into horses and another for the cat people out there.

5. Singles with Food Allergies

Picky eaters by nature unite because there is a site just for you and those who share your eating habits.

4. The Ugly Bug Ball

Um, this one…um, this one’s for those who feel they aren’t the cream of the crop and are seeking someone who rates as low as them on a looks scale. Just going to leave it at that.

3. Fitness Dates

Working out, protein shakes, marathons. Are these high on your list of “must haves” for a significant other? Than this site is right up your alley.

2. My Lovely Parent

This one isn’t for you. It’s for your parents, only you’re the one behind the profile making the moves. Connect with other people out there who want to find love for their loved ones.

1. Crazy Blind Date

The main thing we’ve all come to expect from dating profiles is the pictures. We’re a shallow bunch and if you don’t have a great pic, we’ll often ignore. This site however is all about everything else…so yeah, absolutely no pictures. So when you meet them, you can know everything about them, minus what they look like!


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