When Matches Fall Through…

Every week someone else comes in to give their side of the topic, but this week the interview fell through. I didn’t want to just post a “Be Back Soon” post and see you Wednesday when I gave you a personal note per usual, so I decided to sit and jot down some thoughts on what I’d hoped to learn from the interview at hand since like with many aspects in life, dating is not the same for everyone.

First off, how long had this person been utilizing dating sites and apps? I know she’d met a former boyfriend on the same site as I had but what other ones had she been in tune with then and now? Everyone has their preferences. I personally pimp out OkCupid because it worked for me, but I know fans of Tinder and Coffee Meets Bagel as well who didn’t really care for OKC. Plus, since I stopped dating right before Tinder really took off – there have been a number of new apps that have come on the market that I was interested in hearing about. Basically they are all the same, but hello – dating site for adults way into Disney? I. Must. Know. Although, I don’t think she was on that one…

Of course we were going to talk about safety as it’s always on the table when you’re talking to a stranger online. While I was never too scared to meet with people, I was also in a bad place when I started and didn’t really care if they killed me. Okay, that’s way over dramatic. I did not want to die, but at the same time there was an excitement in meeting someone you only knew via a profile. Safe to say, safety in that respect was the last thing on my mind. Was it for her though? Perhaps she was smarter about the whole thing. Another aspect we were going to touch on was online vs. real life. Comparing the two of us, I’m sure she had success in reality so it would’ve been interesting to hear her take on that debate.

As for the whole “hook up” online dating has created, I think you’re going to take that with a grain of salt. Yeah, sometimes all you want is a quickie but after awhile you don’t want some random person in your bed – you want a partner in crime. So while hooking up is a fun aspect of online dating in terms of the readily available bangs, some get over that at a certain point and want more. Then we would’ve gotten her highs and lows, which I can’t even imagine for someone else. Perhaps the high would be the countless possibilities and the low would be the more or less the same, because of the amount of jerks you have to swipe left on to get to the golden ones.

The interview didn’t work out, but I had to roll with it but stay tuned for the rest of the week and then come back next week for an interview I did where I first had to admit to an old crush my once upon a time feelings for him, and then ask him to talk about it…


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