Bottle Full of Bub: Top 8 Alternative Clubs
Not all clubs are about that EDM/hip hop life. Meaning that there is a place for all of us out there to head to got a night out. These the top alternative clubs out there that stray from the supposed norm, but where you can go ahead and just be you.

8. Club Cosplay
Find yourself wanting to dance dressed as your favorite superhero or TV character? What about Disney princess? Taking place after conventions, Club Cosplay is the place to be for the guys and gals into dressing to impress – on their own terms.

7. Morning Gloryville
Staying up late not for you? Well here is your scene. These club goers get going when they wake up and everything they put in their body is all about health. Interesting….

6. The Riff
Okay so, this is basically the baby version of Emo Night but what I like about this is the comfy seating and the more intimate feel while listening to the best rock songs that came from the 00’s – plus they even toss some current hits.

5. Cowboy Palace Saloon
Rock not your thing? It’s not for everyone. So you Luke Bryan fans may want to hit this place up instead.

4. Ultimate Power
Back to the rock…but with a more vintage feel. Power ballads reign supreme here.

3. Bar Sinister
Goth kids unite as the most alternative club on the list comes into play! Get that all black ensemble ready to go!

2. Club 90’s
With themed nights like Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys and TRL – nostalgia, yes please…

1. Hip Hop Karaoke London
I said it wasn’t all about the EDM and hip hop, but how can you deny a club where you can have your 8 Mile moment?

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