Take Me to the Club with ‘Party Monster’

Clubbing has a lot of positive attributes like the social interactions, sense of belonging and that feeling like you can be yourself there. Yes, we’ve gone over that a few times now but what about those bad attributes of this pastime? Anyone can fall into drugs and a serious case of alcoholism, but it’s more so when you’re put into a space where it’s more present. Amy noted that she’s not too big on drinking, which makes her in the rare grand scheme because going out to the club usually involves something to calm the nerves be it a cocktail or a smoke of some kind. Of course that’s not always the case and I’m not saying going out this weekend will lead you down a path of addiction, but like we saw in Party Monster, it can and does happen in some cases.

Macaulay Culkin plays Michael Alig the man who’d go on to be dubbed the “king of the Club Kids.” Growing up as an outsider in a small town, Michael finds comfort in his new home, the clubs of New York and soon the popularity and power lead him to drugs, drugs and more drugs. This is an extreme case of what wanting to belong be like. The lesson? All good things are also as great in moderation. Michael needed to calm the hell down, but living a life as an outcast, he became overwhelmed with everything that was being presented to him. So while you want that place to feel like you belong and to be yourself, you should never lose touch with reality when striving for it. This goes for all aspects of life, not just hitting the club. If work, a spouse or anything else is dragging you into a place where you are not your best self – rip free and find someone or place else. Don’t get stuck there before it’s too late, like with Michael…no one wants murder on their plate.

Going out to any club has a ton of great qualities. You may been your new best friend there, or perhaps the love of your life. It may also make you feel like you’ve finally found the one place on earth where you’re comfortable literally and figuratively letting your hair down – and while you can dabble in some fun, one should never lose their way when in search of community and self. Like murder, no one wants a future intervention where they have to listen to their grandma crying as she reads her letter filled with disappointment towards you, right?

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