Around the World, Around the World…
We talked months ago about the town I grew up in. Most get stuck there, but when they do escape and make something of their life – I smile. I smiled very wide when Amy Miller graduated and went into the Navy. Now a Field Service Engineer, she traded our small desert town for Phoenix but can be found traveling the world more often than not though – and why not? Like we learned a couple weeks ago, life’s too short to live stationary. Knowing Amy since she was a kid, I was surprised this once little punk would be into the club scene. Alas she is and has been since hitting 18. She started going soon after she completed boot camp and has been enjoying her nights out ever since. With that, she opened up about how important the music is to her and even talked about club scenes from around the world…

Kendra: There is a communal feel to clubs. They are as much a scene as those who go to concerts, or comedy clubs. Do you feel that community vibe when you go out, or are you just focused on the fun?

Amy Miller: A lot of the community vibe depends on the type of club (Latin, Dubstep, etc.). Whether or not it has a skilled DJ or not. A DJ that just pops on a Spotify playlist draws in a different type of community then a well renowned DJ.

Kendra: There are a lot of negative connotations associated with clubs, especially when it comes to the safety of women. Have you ever felt unsafe when out and about?

Amy: Yes and no. Generally the larger the club the more chance of drugs being passed around, this amplifies the risks of being harassed. A good example would be that if you choose a guy to dance with for one song and realize he’s a little too grabby, and want to move on to another dance partner for the next song, it’s a little more difficult if the said guy is on drugs and can’t really understand anything. He won’t take the hint and you almost have to resort to violence (push away or slap) to get him to understand that you aren’t interested. The same goes for drunks. The smaller the club, the safer a women can feel. You don’t get lost in the crowd and can escape to a bar area a little bit easier.
Kendra: On a more positive note, what’s a typical night out like when you go out to the club?

Amy: I generally go to dance and have a good time which means I don’t drink much. I generally don’t like being the girl tucked around the corner puking my guts out (that’s not to say it hasn’t happened). I love clubs that fuse dubstep with other genres of music like Latin or rock. The more known the DJ the more people that show up so I generally stick to DJs that are known locally so my “club scene” is a little bit smaller than what most might see on TV.

Kendra: You’ve lived around the world and have likely got to experience a number of clubs. With that, what country has the best scene for night owls?

Amy: This is a hard one. Every country I’ve been to has different pros and cons. Mexico has to be my favorite, $15 at the door of almost every club gets you admission and an open bar. The music is always great and most of the clubs incorporate something fun like bubbles or glow in the dark paint. Ireland had some good clubs too, but had a horrible men to women ratio usually like 15:1. Japan was more expensive, but I felt the safest there. The list goes on…

Kendra: Clubs are definitely not for everyone, so in a nutshell – why do personally enjoy them?

Amy: I love music, especially dubstep which seems to appear in every club. I can go and sit in a corner and still have a good time if there’s a good DJ.

Kendra: Lastly, what’s the biggest high and the lowest low of clubbing?

Amy: Biggest high? That would be the interesting people you meet and the different cultures that I’ve encountered, some of the best nights end with a group of people you’ve just met. Biggest low? The douchebags that consider humping you from behind as “dancing” and when you tell them you don’t like that style/way of dancing they get grabby and won’t take a hint. As a woman you always want to go with someone you can talk to with just your eyes since it will be too loud to talk normally. This person will pick up on when you are uncomfortable and can help to get you out of the uncomfortable situations.


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