Bottle Full of Bub: Late Night Recreation
Traveling and running marathons are hobbies that give you a sense of self and accomplishment, the last of the trio this month perhaps does those things too – but in much different ways. Living in Los Angeles, you see the long lines to get into places you know you could never. Well, if you’re me…a girl who knows as much about makeup as she does astrophysics and thinks wearing Converse is appropriate for every occasion. For me, a club pumping the latest hits by Rihanna and Drake is a nightmare, but for a lot of adults – it’s life. I mean, I shouldn’t say all clubs are about the weekly Top 40 so we’ll just talk about the general idea of clubs and not define it by the kind you see the Kardashians strolling in and out of, although those seem to be the majority.

Other than a place to blow off steam after a long day or week at work – clubs serve as a place to hang out with like minded individuals. Those who go old school with it when it comes to meeting people and still like to do so in real life, a club is like a watering hole in Africa. It’s the center of social interaction, a place to make friends and romantic connections. So for those who spend their free time exploring the nightlife their city or town has to offer, this is their way of staying social. In a time where being glued to our phones is the norm, going out and dancing the night away isn’t so bad. It forces you to come out of your shell. Unless you’re those kind of people who go out and still think it’s necessary to Snapgram your entire night. Live people, live in the moment – not in a timeline.

Being social is one thing, but like everyone on this planet – we’re constantly looking to belong and going out is a way of doing so. You may not mesh well with your coworkers or your friends from college anymore, and that’s when as an adult you have to seek out other means. Whether your hobby leads you to traveling the world, running it or just going on Friday nights – all of the above will lead you to new people who may just be your new circle of comfort. Ben Malbon noted this in Clubbing, Dancing, Ecstasy and Vitality when he said, “There also becomes possible identification of those with whom one might establish belonging.”

You continue to go to the same club every week, you build a community and therefor you feel as if you’ve found a place where you can be you. At work you’re professional, with your family you’re whatever image they have but when you’re in an element like a club and free with the music – you’re you. Which Malbon said of, “These spaces of identification can provide opportunities for personal expression.” Look at the LGBTQ community for example. Their club scene is more than just dancing on a night out. A lot of times these clubs are the first places they feel safe in their lives. Everyone there is there to celebrate they are. There is no judgement within those walls. When some can feel suffocated by the reality that waits for them outside, they are truly themselves in their favorite clubs.
Yeah, for some the club is just a night out on the town and they care no more about that than they would any other activity – but for some going to the club is again, their way of life. Whether or not it’s because it keeps them social, is a place they feel they belong or is a place they can be themselves – it’s their thing and we can’t hate on it. This week we’ll talk to a girl I was surprised to find out lived this life, talk about a night out with My Chemical Romance and more.


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