Running for Good with Eddie Izzard
Several years ago comedian Eddie Izzard trained for only five weeks and then set off to run over 40 marathons in a little more than 50 days. He had no prior experience in running like that, and again – he trained for only five weeks. Most runners will train for a year or so to do just one marathon. He did it though for Sport Relief. He did it for a good cause and that’s really what these things boil down to. Why they want people to endure this kind of physical activity to raise money is beyond me, but thankfully people like Izzard decide to back it 100%. So he did it, it became a documentary and Eddie Izzard: Marathon Man for Sport Relief is available to watch to be inspired.

What’s more though is that the funnyman announced this year in February that he was going to do another round of running. This time though in South Africa attempting 27 marathons in 27 days. 27 days was inspired by the 27 years Nelson Mandela spent in prison, and come the end of March Izzard had completed his next personal challenge and along the way raised funds and awareness for Sports Relief. BBC then ran another documentary showcasing their running man’s latest endeavors.

Sitting here thinking about why someone would choose to run like that instead of just donating, I came to the realization that it makes more of a statement to get involved than it does to just throw money at something from afar – especially for celebrities. Getting involved and putting an actual face on a cause will do more for things in the long run. That’s we’re kind of less inclined to care when we hear about so and so donating than we are to see The Rock taking time out of his day to hang out with a Make-a-Wish kid. Plus, when you physically involve yourself, you get to feel like you put more of an effort into things, and it’s more rewarding. Guess the same can be said of us regular Joes who set out to do these marathons.

Eddie Izzard was struck by something and it made him want to run for a great cause and that’s just what he did. Note, that the time spent training and gathering donations is one thing, but the act of completing the task at hand, the actual grit and sweat that comes with it – that’s something not everyone can do. Choosing marathons as a hobby is something that takes a lot of discipline and heart, and whether you do it for the charity aspect, the health benefits or whatever else reason we’ve come across this week – it all seems good.


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