Don’t Wait to Start that Bucket List

There are a million and one movies and TV shows about traveling and they’re either about discovering yourself, building a bond between friends, family disasters or they end in horror. First one that came to mind was Away We Go, but that was more about traveling to find a sense of home. Then there was The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and that’s just about some weird ass piece of clothing that seems to magically fit four different body types. There wasn’t one that came to mind where travel was a hobby of sorts . So I had to go back to the idea that one should not wait until they’re too old to see the world and came across The Bucket List.

Spending their lives on completely different paths meet at the hospital while undergoing cancer treatment. After finally sparking a friendship, they embark on a journey to complete their bucket list and that includes a healthy dose of traveling. While it’s a movie that will leave you in a mess of tears, it’s a reminder not to wait too long to do what you want to do in life; including seeing the places you want to see outside of a small screen. Spoiler alert, when one of the men dies the other says those last three months of his buddy’s life were the best of his. Really, can you imagine living to be like 75 and not having a great time until then?

Traveling is a way to see things you wouldn’t necessarily see and experience otherwise. What’s it like to walk in the streets of a place far away from home, fall asleep under a new set of stars, meet people who live their day to day in time zones different from your own. No one should have to wait until their near death to experience life. Those whose favorite pastime is traveling, they understand that and are constant reminders that life is an adventure, so take it.

I get that we can’t all just take off at the drop of a hat though. Not everyone has been blessed with a career that pays enough to live and play, that’s when the frugal nature we learned from Celeste comes into play. Nevertheless, perhaps travel isn’t for you and that’s okay too – just know that life isn’t about routine. Hobbies are meant to break that mundane. So if you aren’t for planes, trains and automobiles – perhaps get on board with something else and start crossing off those items on your own bucket list before it’s too late.


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