Wasting My Time: Top 10 Hobbies That Can Actually Turn Lucrative

Hobbies are necessary for you as you get older because if you get lost in a job you hate – at least you have something to look forward to when you clock out. However, there are certain hobbies you can turn into your next career. Imagine, doing something you love to do for a living?

10. Carpentry

Are you always making little pieces of furniture for family and friends? Um, hello – rent a space at a farmer’s market and clean up.

9. Make Up

People who live for Mac and Sephora and are always getting compliments about their face can always look into doing those tutorials online and banking on the views.

8. Talking

Podcasts are a growing form of entertainment people…just something to think about.

7. Sports

It’s not hard to find a league to play in when you grow up, but at the same time – those who want to make money with their athleticism can turn to coaching kids and doing private lessons.

6. Music

Same goes with musicians. Teaching the new generation of little guitarists and drummers could start helping pay the bills.

5. Blogging

Living online is how we do and blogs are not going anywhere anytime soon. Plus, there are a million and one topics – so there’s always something to write about. Just make sure you find one that pays.

4. Social Media

Live for Snapchat and Twitter? Companies hire these people every day to run their accounts.

3. Photography

While more and more people are waiting to get married, there are couples still falling in love and taking the plunge on a daily basis. Wedding photography is a great way to take in extra cash; especially in the spring and summer.

2. Baking

If you got those Food Network skills, then share them with the world – but don’t forget to charge. Either start an online baking company, do a farmer’s market and set up nest to the carpenter, or do catering – just get on it.

1. Crafting

Sites like Etsy aren’t the go-to for no reason.


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