You Can’t Sit with Us: Top 10 Cliques Adults Find Themselves In
Growing up we all have a clique we’re a part of be it jocks, nerds, rebels, etc. As we grow up, we find ourselves wearing more hats and therefore belonging to one or more cliques depending on many factors. Below are ten typical cliques or groups if you will that we belong to as grown ups.

10. Kindred Kinfolk
Even if you have no friends outside of your relatives, that’s still a clique that’ll have your back. Plus, have you ever had beef within your family and had to pick a side?

9. Study Buddies
Adults still in school can find themselves close with those they share a few days a week with furthering their education.

8. Soulcycle Soul Mates
Those who workout on the regular whether it’s on stationary bikes or at Crossfit, will often times bond with the people around them because they share that “extreme” lifestyle and really, who else wants to hang around people who find joy in protein shakes and talking about weights?

7. High School Homies
Sometimes you just can’t shake the people you grew up with.

6. Playdate Playmates
People with kids can use them as bait to make new friends, and start little parental gangs.

5. Fangirl Familiars
Have an interest in comics, movies, TV, sports – anything that has a fandom? Join them!

4. College Companions
We all love our friends from high school, but we also LOVE our friends we made when we could legally buy drinks and were out on our own.

3. Clubbing Confidants
Not particularly only pertaining to the club scene, but these are your friends who you do the most social activities with.

2. Couple Compadres
You and your partner may have a cascade of friends who are also paired up.

1. Workmates
Spending 40 hours a week with people will cause you to befriend them. Stockholm Syndrome is real ya’ll.


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