The Gospel of Good Charlotte

At least once in our lives we yearn to be a part of a cool crew. TV and movies make us want that popular lifestyle, and then we either get into the group, get over it or become bitter adults about it. For the bitter folks, I’m sure they’ve never heard Good Charlotte’s 2001 masterpiece “The Click.” A theme song for an animated series on MTV, it really grasped the idea of being on the outskirts of social fame, but rather than making it some daunting factoid – it celebrated the differences and made you okay about it. I heard it as an eighth grader and thank it fully for teaching me the so-called cool kids were nothing to admire. They had their way of life and I had mine. Which is a lesson that has lasted throughout adulthood.

No matter how old we get, being a part of something is the norm – and wanting to be a part of something is even more so. However, you have to mentally grow out of that phase of wanting to be a part of something that isn’t a fit for who you are. You have to find where you belong. It’s like a puzzle. If your piece isn’t an athletic one – why the hell strive to be besties with people who do marathons. Yes, you can be their friends but honestly that’s not your clique if walking up stairs can cause you to seek CPR. The same goes for those who are homebodies and yearn for the life that is all about clubs and basically scenes from MTV’s Spring Break. That’s me. I would take a night in watching Frasier over any night out. I mean, Vegas is my absolute nightmare.

Good Charlotte laments about that in “The Click” by delivering the line, “You go out on Friday night – I’ll stay in but that’s alright – Cuz I have found a click to call my own.” Summed up, you have to find where you belong and it doesn’t necessarily have to be the crowd you’ve somehow concluded is the cool one. Because what’s “cool” is as arguable as what’s art. To me, the girls who spend every night puking in the back alleys of clubs – not so cool. The guys and gals who form amazing cosplay groups – super freaking awesome (and quite impressive).

So if you’re an adult searching out a clique to call your own, just know that you don’t have to sit at the “cool” kids table anymore because once you’re an adult – “cool” is just as nostalgic as your third grade lunch box. It ceases to exist and in the grand scheme of things, you have to realize that whatever clique you find yourself in, as long as you’re happy, is fine, dandy and the cool one.


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