Bye Felicia: Top 10 Signs Your Friend May Just Be Your Frenemy
We’ve discovered this week that almost 100% of us have had and will continue to have a frenemy in our lives, but hey – some people are completely clueless and think their bestie is just the greatest and not really kind of the worst. Luckily, there are some signs to tell if your friend may’ve crossed that line into frenemy territory.

10. It’s Sabotage!
We’ll always go back to Mean Girls, but remember when Cady made Regina eat those bars and gain weight? She was full blown sabotaging that girl. Frenemies may not be so direct about it, but they’ll do things here and there so that you’re not your best self.

9. Never Happy for You
On the flipside, frenemies who don’t set out to ruin lives are are low key never happy to see you succeed. They never congratulate or celebrate your accomplishments.

8. Too Close, Too Fast & Self-Centered
People who go on to be frenemies can be the kind of people who crave constant attention. They want to be your best bud within seconds but at the same time – they’re the ones who crave attention and in the long run you’ll start to notice that it’s never about you, but them. Always. About. Them.

7. Super Competitive
You thought this was a friendship, but it turned into the Super Bowl. They always feel the need to outdo you.

6. The Backhanded Compliment Giver
This one is self-explanatory.

5. Savage Statement Maker
On top of the backhanded compliments, they could just very well say what they mean straight up and it’s MEAN as hell.

4. Dirt Digger
They always want to bring up old shit to cause some sort of drama.

3. Constant Critic
If you feel like they’re constantly judging your life, run. Unless you’re like a crackhead. Then that criticism is perfect and you need to get some help.

2. Covert Chatter Behind Your Back
If they talk about other friends with you, you may want to assume they’re likely talking about your ass too.

1. Instinct
If you feel they are your frenemy – you know it. Simple as that.


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