Little Women: Big Frenemies
Mean Girls
has always been on my mind when it came to this week’s topic. That’s because Regina George is the textbook case of what it means to be a frenemy. She’s quick to smile to your face, only to turn around and talk shit behind your back – or give you a backhanded compliment right to your face. Not sure which is worse, but she was capable of both. Then the best reality show in the world came around, Little Women: LA (and basically any and every other Little show that came after it). Suck it Bachelor and Bachelorette – this is where it’s at. Anyways, the amount of imitation companionship in these shows could not be ignored.

Ms. Juicy out of the Atlanta crew has to be the funniest woman on all of these series when stacked up against one another, but my heart will always be with the OG HBIC – Tara from LA. Loving her, I can admit that she does have a bit of a temper, but here’s the thing – gurl keeps it real. So real in fact that she often times has had one too many tiffs with the other women in her life. The biggest being with Christy, which if you watch – can you blame her? Christy is pretty annoying and after she went and tried to get Tara arrested, all bets were off. Now the two could not even be considered friends. They’re more like acquaintances but because they share friends – they have to be civil when invited to outings, or so you’d think.
Hothead Tara cannot put the past behind her and even though I love her – she’s a bit immature when it comes to this frenemy of sorts. Christy has tried to be the mature one in the room, which is what you’d expect from both parties as they are grown ass women – but nope. One always has to blow things up and because of that, they’re never going to get past their middle school mentality of butting heads. Instead it looks like they’ll remain bickering Betties whenever they’re mutual friends (and producers) think it’s wise to invite both of them to the same events. Let this reality show be a lesson to us all – when you are an adult, it’s best to just talk it out and if you all cannot get along – then do exactly what Tara’s husband suggested and stay the hell away from one another. Because unlike these ladies, the rest of us don’t have producers plotting our actions.


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