Magnetic Bonds: Top 10 Ways to Make Friends as an Adult
There are way more articles than one would think about how to make friends as an adult. It’s like we lose that power once we leave the days of puberty behind. Why I’m not too sure why, there are plenty of ways to make a new buddy in this day and age. Remember, it’s all about making that initial connection in conversation, but before you get to talking – you have to know where to go and what to do.

10. Make Your Mom Do It
Again, my mom was the reason I made my first ever friend, and my first friend in school. You’re never too old to get your mom to introduce you to someone.

9. Go Back to School
Go old school, literally. You never had trouble talking to classmates as a kid. So channel that mindset and meet someone in your night class for Spanish 101.

8. Join MeetUp.Com
This site has groups for everything from those who want to get into archery to cooking to movies. This is an easy as hell way to connect to likeminded people because you already know they’re into what you’re into.

7. Use Your Kids/Pets as Bait
If you have a kid or a pet, use them. I mean, you’re feeding them and whatnot – they owe you. You can make a friend at the dog park, or friends with one of the other parents at daycare.

6. Ask Friends for a Friendly Hook Up
Have a friend of a friend you’re interested in hanging out with. Ask friend number one to arrange a hangout with their friend you’re interested in. It’s not as weird as it sounds.

5. Venture Out Alone
On the flip side, groups can be intimidating for some. So perhaps grow a pair and go at it alone. Head to a new place and if things go bad – it’s not like you ever have to see those people again.

4. Volunteer at a Place You Actually Care About
You may make a friend for life AND be helping others – win, win.

3. There’s an App for That
Apps aren’t just for finding Pokemon and hookups. There are a number of them out there to help people make friends as well.

2. Take People Up on Invites
When someone sends you one of those Facebook invites and you’re thinking, “Ugh, why – they don’t even know me that well or care,” GO. It’s a chance to get out and while you may not talk that much to the person who invited you, you may meet someone new.

1. Say Hello
Simple as that. Did you ever make a friend when you were little with silence? Nope. Being a grown up changes nothing, you have to say something to get things going.


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