The Friendship Method Circumlocution
We all make assumptions every day of our lives. Whether or not it’s about what someone tweeted, a stranger we passed on the street or what a television show is about. I personally do that a lot. Like Downton Abbey. I would assume it’s the most boring show with British accents to have ever come on the air. Perhaps I’m wrong on that just like people are wrong to assume The Big Bang Theory is just about a group of guys who like nerdy things. Here’s the thing, bare bones – that’s the simplest explanation one could give about this show without ever having seen an episode. The truth is it’s about a group of friends, like any group, who share commonalities that are based on geek culture but have risen about that to share their life experiences on new levels throughout its nine seasons so far.

There are episodes of The Big Bang Theory that are trash. I can say that with the utmost confidence. There are some that air and I’m like, well – I’ll never remember that one again. Those are the ones that have uncomplicated plots that provide no actual growth for the show. Then there are the big moments that come in and elevate the show. What this show does beautifully though is something close to my heart, it blends a love of pop culture and life. When Sheldon and Amy finally did the deed, it was likened to the release of the latest Star Wars in the most perfect way. In the end, yes – these are men with geeky interests and yes, those bond them but when push comes to shove, they are friends who deal with real life issues as well.

Somewhere in the middle of season six came “ The Closet Reconfiguration.” In it we see Howard have to face an old letter from his father who abandoned him and his mother years ago. The addition of more females on this show was one huge turning point for this show, and this episode was another. I feel it was one of the first times you seen them not as manchilds but as real adult friends going above and beyond for one another. See, their similar positions in life and their love for comics and whatnot may’ve brought them together, but it’s that human connection that grows from those that keeps them going strong as the show continues to hit major marks like engagements, weddings and babies.


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