The Inevitable: Top 10 Ways to Cope with a Death
Dealing with the loss of a loved one is never easy, but professionals suggest handling it in a variety of ways. Here are a few to think about…

10. Find Faith
I’m all about freedom of belief – just don’t push it on others. So if you find yourself lost and religion is what soothes you, go for it.

9. Clean Up
People suggest clearing out some of the stuff that belonged to the one who has just passed so that you are not constantly reminded of them. They’re not saying to toss them out with your trash, but perhaps place them in a box and in the attic for safekeeping until you are ready to see them again.

8. Give Yourself Time to Grieve
Don’t think you’re going to get over their death overnight. Take your time. Everyone is different and takes their own time. Don’t feel pressured to move on right away.

7. Start to Move Forward
Eventually though, you have to move on with your life and not live in the past.

6. Join in Rituals
Like with religion, you may find some comfort in cultural rituals out there pertaining to death and the afterlife.

5. Join a Support Group
Know you’re not alone.

4. Talk about It and Find a Good Listener
The listener part is very important. You don’t want to get stuck with someone who constantly makes it about them.

3. Be There for Others
With that, don’t forget that you get what you give. Take time to listen to others as well.

2. Preserve Memories
You don’t have to put everything in the attic. You can make a nice collage or set some stuff aside to save those most cherished memories.

1. Don’t Live in Regretville
There’s nothing you can do to bring them back and you did nothing wrong. Don’t think their death is your fault – unless you’re a murderer, then it is 100% your fault.


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