The Adaptation of Death
Death is a normal part of life. We all remember the first time our parents sat us down to explain it and for some it was daunting, but think about being a kid growing up in the world presented by The Walking Dead. Death isn’t just a normalcy there, it’s literally something to face on a day to day basis. The characters in this show are as fearful as any of us watching would be, but that only makes them want to live more and survive. And while it seems like dying has become so expected to them, they still seem to have a hard time saying goodbye to those they love when the time comes, but unlike in a world where death isn’t everywhere, they seem to move on a lot faster than those of us watching ever could.

The thought of an undead creature lurking just outside of your safe house is terrifying. No matter how you slice it or how many weapons you have – scary as fuck. But after like a week of dealing with it, you’d adapt or be dead and that fear of winding up like those slow moving, smelly nuisances – that only makes you want to live more. Therefore, your survival instincts kick in. The downside of that though is that it can make you sort of savage. As we’ve seen, not everyone you come across is ready to sit down and have a civil conversation about being some of the last living people on earth. Surviving at any cost not only starts to make you want to kill the undead, but your fellow man – in some cases we’ve seen. For some in this world, death has gotten that normalized they think – what’s another walker?

That normalization of death either because of all the death that hangs around, and the idea of survival – you see for the main core of these characters, it’s still hard for them to lose someone they love. That’s because even though this world is savage at times, these are still humans with emotions people. The thing though is that they seem to bounce back faster and move on. Sadly we’ve seen some mentally get rocked, but when push comes to shove they are shooting and stabbing who they have to. So you see that survivalist come out, even though they are in mourning, they mourn faster in this world.

The Walking Dead presents a world in which death is even more normal than it is in reality, but it goes to show that even though it’s everywhere and happening on the dialy we will still be sad to say goodbye and be scared of saying it ourselves, but you learn to adapt to the idea of the end, or else.


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