Misunderstood is the New Black

One of the most used cliches out there is “I don’t care if it’s a boy or girl, just so long as they’re healthy.” This is of course is in relation to when you ask expecting parents about the sex of their upcoming release. As cliche as it sounds, TLC – the channel and not the amazing girl group – made me think twice about that. Watching it you see all these kids with insane deformities that make their lives and hospital bills dismal. Then of course there’s this special about the little girl with schizophrenia in which her parents were often times fearful of their own child. That’s when that cliche about health gets real. Dealing with a physical problem is one thing, but a mental one that you may never be able to grasp? Fast forward to when they’re adults and I can only look to Orange is the New Black in which a few characters’ tales touch on that idea of living with something going on in their mind that led them down a darker path than most.

For awhile we thought Morello really had a man on the outside. Instead of being in for mail fraud – girl was stalking some random guy she met once in the most extreme of ways. Then, just when you think she’s fine now that she has a real life husband…nope. Her paranoia started to take over her mind once more. She even realized it was happening and it was heartbreaking to watch her realize her mental fault and not be able to do anything about it. Speaking of paranoia…Lolly. Oh man Lolly. A woman we kind of suspected of being after Alex turned out to just be a woman who heard voices that led her to believe she was being spied on by everyone from NSA to the FBI and then some. We watched her just be a little bit off her rockers last season, but come the fourth we got to see her back story and found out she wasn’t always like that. Instead she was a journalist who started to unravel in her adult years. This led to her being homeless and treated quite unfairly when her shopping cart wheel busted.

That makes you think about all the homeless out there. A lot of them are just people who need medication and help, but instead they’re living without it and their conditions just spiral out of control. The lucky ones though have family support but even then, their family can’t be with them 24/7. Which leads us to Crazy Eyes. A fan favorite from the pilot, we’ve all wondered what she exactly did to land in Litchfield and damn, we found out. I’m not sure what her condition is, but she’s obviously mentally stuck at the age of perhaps a 10-year-old in some respects and had to be taken care of by her sister. She did have a job though, but there were some things in the social realm she just did not comprehend and that led to her arrest.

Of course the show is fiction, but in reality people with these types of mental problems need to be treated better. They can’t be pushed to the side because it will only make them worse and lead them to things they cannot help. That’s why if you have a child that shows signs of any sort of mental problem, help them. Do not let it go and think they’ll get over it. Even when someone you love develops this as an adult – help them, help them.


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