Generation anXious
Again, go through whatever social media it is that you prefer and you will find one, two, 26 people talking about their anxiety. I’m not sure why my generation has become the most anxious of the bunch, but it’s kind of interesting and annoying all at the same time. Now, when people have anxiety to the point that it’s pushing them to be 51/50 – then by all means, I’m not going to judge – but those of us who find a phone call to cause our hearts to pulsate at an extreme rate? What the hell is wrong with us? I honestly think it’s because we’re a cascade of first world problem kids who have nothing to really worry about, so that has caused the littlest things to make us freak out.

Our great grandparents had legit wars, so did our grandparents, and our parents? Well they were busy raising us and fuck – that’s hard. I know there are people out there who think parenting is whatever, but you single folks with no kids – think about having to provide for someone other than yourself; gone is the selfishness and in is some scary shit. So yeah, those of us millenials just sitting around worrying about the dumbest shit, why? Walking into a place where you know no one and waiting for a friend…this is something most of us get nauseated about. Most would rather wait in their car until their friend comes OR they’ll go in and pretend to be on their phone until a familiar face comes through. My dad was shipped off in the Army and shot at as a cop when he returned, but today he’s a fucking boss. I on the other hand mentally freak out when I think people are talking about me behind my back. No bullets coming my way, just a worry in my head about some middle school bullshit.

In the grand scheme of things I have nothing to be worried about. I am starting to have a grasp on my finances – slowly climbing out of the bottom of the barrel, I’ve left the job that was causing to me to think suicide was a viable option, my boyfriend is great, and at the end of the day I think I’m 85% happy with my life; an amazing number compared to previous years. So why do stupid little things like social situations, talking to anyone outside of like three people, and going out in public for extended periods of time cause those anxious thoughts to creep into my mind? Again, it’s because of the generation I am sadly a part of. We’re the generation with minimal problems, so we create them because we have to have something to complain and worry about, right?


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