Isn’t It Ironic, Don’t You Think?
Not only because as I write this Alanis Morissette in thanking just about everything on the earth, but because I can’t stop my eyes from running as fast as my nose. I can’t tell whether or not it’s because my boyfriend refuses to sleep without a fan, or if it’s my natural desert body reacting to these things they call…trees. Whatever it is, I’m over it – but enough of my current ailments because like I said last week, I could sit and wonder about this for a few days and wind up thinking I have cancer thanks to Hugh Laurie’s only notable role. Sorry Stuart Little. When the idea of being sick came up, I’ve actually never been one of those kids who get the flu every year, Chickenpox came and went without very little pain, and even today getting insanely sick isn’t my norm. You know is though apparently? Broken and sprained parts.

I broke my arm and sprained my ankle by the time I was 13-years-old and I thought, yup – that’s it. I will never ever do those things again. Man, I was wrong and naive. Like you have a quota one those things and life was like, okay Kendra – you’re done. Go one with your existence now pain free. Fast forward to a week or so after college was over and done with, I woke up and the first song that decided to play that morning was Limp Bizkit’s “Break Stuff.” Not even lying because really, that only made the latter part of the day that much more ironic and memorable. My hair was a mess as it was summer and hey, I just graduated college. I didn’t have to get dressed every day. I was just carrying my dog down my mom’s rickety stairs like usual when all of a sudden my dollar store flip flops got the best of me and BOOM! I was going down, and as I saw the ground inching closer to my face, I tossed my dog. If I fell on her, that would’ve been a murder scene. Pressing fast forward once more, I looked down and the bottom half of my right arm was bent the wrong way. Remember that show on MTV that the guy from papa Roach hosted where they showed horrendous skating and BMX accidents? It looked like a result of one of those. Only I had taken a tumble down the stairs, not been showing some cool moves on my board.

So there I was, fresh out of college, trying to plan my next move and I was bundled up like a clumsy first grader in a splint for a few weeks. It was my first month or void of being anything but a student, and there I was – nothing at all. I was no longer earning a grade and because of my busted arm, I couldn’t even think about earning a living. Just like Limp Bizkit that morning, I could probably look back as that moment being the defining moment for the rest of my adult life. Since then though, I’m glad to say that no bones have been broken or sprained. The thought of that happening today, it is one of my top three everyday fears because this time my mom won’t be there to help me get dressed. Hey, you don’t realize how hard it is to snap a bra on until you’re one arm down.

Right out of the gate into adulthood, I was down thanks to unstable stairs and it was not the best thing in the world, but I am more than grateful it happened at the starting line and not when I was in the middle of the race.


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