Dr. Oz Delivers Too Much

This is not a diss to Dr. Oz, but let me just say as someone who frequently showers during this show most days and sees bits and pieces other days – there are far too many ways to be healthy out there, and with this guy delivering every damn method out there, what are we to believe in the end? One day he’s telling you to cut the carbs and the next he’s lamenting on these fake blueberries that creep their way into bagels and muffins. One of the more interesting ones, really. Anyways, it’s hard to watch it (semi-sort-of) every day and figure out what the “right” way to be healthy even is. So here’s my way of approaching Dr. Oz – don’t take it all in. Find what works for you and run with it towards the wind. Everyone on this planet is different from one another for a variety of reasons, one of them being how our bodies react to certain foods, exercises, and so forth and so on. Okay, so if you put all of us through the workout regime of Strong – we’d all look like centerfolds, but in the grand scheme of things, even workout plans have to be orchestrated around the individual in most cases.

Sorry Dr. Oz, you may have a doctor’s degree and something more valuable, Oprah’s blessing – but we cannot rely on your every word to be the health gospel. Simply because you’re saying too much. Think about it, this guy has a show Monday through Friday for most of the year. I bombed at math, but that’s something like 539,892 shows a year. I told you I sucked at math, get off me. Anyways, with all those shows he’s bound to step over his words once in awhile but the good thing about this guy is that he will be the bigger man about it when he’s wrong. Like with the blueberries. He seemed more than shocked about these fake berries and looked frazzled because he’s said numerous times before how they’re such a super food. Well, they are – it’s just that those sugar berries disguised as the real thing, yeah – not so much.

Shows like Dr. Oz are great stepping stones towards a healthier life but you can’t sit and watch every day and take every single thing he has to say personally. It’s like binge watching House, sooner or later you have to let the paranoia take a break and live a little.


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