Everybody Lies: The ‘House’ Problem

You’ve officially been triple dog dared to watch House from start to finish and not come out thinking that when you stub your toe, you’ve not been exposed to some sort of mysterious disease that seems deadly but then is quickly resolved in the last 10 minutes of the episode. Yes, watching House from the pilot until the very end made me utterly insane when it comes to health. Paranoid is the better word for it. One ache that causes my head to hurt and I automatically think I am going to die in my sleep. This used to cause me to sit up at all hours of the night. Now, I’m pretty okay because House has been gone some years now, and thankfully – my best friend helped me out when it came to finding a free clinic in the area. So now I no longer have to freak out, and I rarely do.

Health though, while I appear to be an Olympian (only not really), I know there are certain parts of my body that aren’t in the best shape. Two weeks of working a “normal” job that took away my morning walks home, I was dead the first time I had to walk that mile again. As I’ve gotten older I’ve learned not only that I don’t have to be paranoid about every little bump and bruise, but also that your body isn’t going to last forever and that checkups and shit are really important. With that, I do go for a physical now once a year, and I regularly see the lady doctor to make sure all the plumbing is working well. I just wish I watched what I ate a little more since the diabetes runs in my family on both sides.

Sweets though ya’ll, sweets. They are possibly the hardest thing for me to turn my back on. A person? Who cares, I’ll live without that person. Candy? COME HERE MY LOVE. I walk to Target on a weekly basis and my legs, I swear, were made for a place like New York, but every time I head there…I come back with a sweet treat. Knowing that a good amount of women on my mom’s side, as well as my own dad have ‘betes, it’s a fear in the back of my mind and probably by the time I’m 35 that whole thing will sick in further. For now though, give me all the Golden Oreos and no one gets hurt.


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