I’ll Have an Apple: Living That Healthy Life

Thinking back, how many of us could not wait to grow up so we could go to the grocery store for ourselves and buy all the cereal and Dunkaroos, and eat them whenever we wanted? Then college came and we spent a few years doing just that, then we got a little older and realized our bodies were not holding up too well. Well some of us, most of us, okay – I was definitely one of those people and even today, just an hour or so before I sat and wrote this…I stopped at Coldstone and got down on some cake batter ice-cream. This is because no matter how many times Dr. Oz tells me about healthy foods and exercises, I fail to listen with both ears. We get older, but we rarely get smarter about health until it’s too late for some. However, with the rise of diabetes numero dos – and all these new cancers and whatnot, staying healthy isn’t just something to talk about this week, it’s something to think about all the damn time.

It’s not only eating healthy. Don’t you hate when you see those people eating 100% organic rice cakes but then take 20 shots of vodka? Like, uh…you know you just put some of the worst (yet delicious) shit in your body, but you think it’s fine because you only eat items from Whole Foods? It doesn’t really work that way and that’s why it’s hard to stay on top of health; it’s boring. There’s probably like three people in the whole world who are 100% healthy. The rest of us are at various stages. Some trade junk food for alcohol, others hit the gym like it’s their religion but smoke, and some of us walk our asses off but along the way pick up cookies.

Food and other things you put into your body are half the battle. The other part is working out and keeping your body active. It’s delightful to sit and watch TV all day, but then when you try and do so much as to change the channel and you get out of breath…that’s not a great sign. For those who’d rather spend money on just about anything else but a gym membership, note that you don’t need to workout as much as The Rock to be considered healthy. You can always do little things throughout the day to keep your heart right. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, take a lunch walk instead of a lunch break where you just nap at your desk, look up a fun workout routine you can do while watching TV like when watching New Girl, do 10 situps every time Nick freaks out over something (feel free to insert your favorite show and characters).

This week we’re going to scrape the surface of staying healthy. We’ll talk to one of my boyfriend’s best buds who not only worked in a gym, but also knows his whey around a protein shake, discuss an emotional attachment to junk food and why it’s forbidding me from looking like Zendaya, go into why watching Dr. Oz has as many highs as it does lows and then talk about the superfoods out there.


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