The Body Posi Media Movement
Back in the day people didn’t have the media to skew their view of beauty. Remember when we talked about this a couple weeks ago? The rich were larger because they could afford to eat and those with rail thin frames were deemed unworthy because they couldn’t get their hands on food. The media definitely changed that, especially after Twiggy came about in the 60’s. Gone were the full figure frames beauties like Marilyn Monroe and in were super thin models, and that idea of beauty remained the same. For me, it’s kind of always been this idea of in-shape gym rats. Weird that their standard has never really budged. Nevertheless, movies and television has since controlled what we find attractive but thankfully someone finally called bullshit and it’s started to shift in recent years.

The first time I really remember seeing someone embrace beauty in all forms was while watching a Dove commercial that featured women of all shapes, sizes and colors. It wasn’t a thin blonde women selling me soap, but rather women who looked like the ones in my own life. Some were thin and blonde, but the fact was – variety was finally shown. Growing up I noticed that I could only see women with curly hair like mine on commercials that ran during BET’s Comic View. Now they’re everywhere. Dove, to me, broke down an advertising barrier that was long overdue.

From there we’ve seen women like Tess Holliday and Ashley Graham redefine what it means to beautiful and there’s even a plus-size male model in the mix out there proving that David Beckham is not the standard by any means. It’s not necessarily because media decided, it’s because people were well, fucking tired of being made to feel like less than because they didn’t look like what their multitude of screens and decided enough was enough. People followed Dove’s lead and with that came a wave of body positive movements. Thank goodness, right?

It’s hard to love yourself when we’re in a world of haters and trolls, so it’s nice to know there are people out there who celebrate what they have and aren’t downers about how they look. Because let’s face it, those people are the party poopers of life. It’s downright annoying to hear someone complain about this and that all the freaking time. If you don’t like something about yourself, either learn to love it – or deal with it but just be positive about it as a whole.


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