Don’t Worry Be Happy: Embrace Yourself
When it all boils down, as this month is doing, we all have insecurities with the way we look. Be it acne, weight, our legs, what have you. We all have something that makes us feel less than but in reality – none of us should. I’d probably have more success solving an algebra problem (I’ve bombed it three times) than convincing someone they’re fine just the way they are. Why? Because we live in a world built around comparisons. We head to Yelp and comments sections to ensure a restaurant choice or a purchase is the best, looking at everything to compare and contrast to see fit the “best,” and we do the same with ourselves. We lock eyes with someone and instantly start looking them up and down to see how we stack up to them in all aspects but usually if it’s someone of the same sex, it’s looks first and foremost.

Janet Jackson had been comparing herself to others long before she was the pop icon we know today. She said in her memoir, True You, “A age six, though I didn’t have the slightest clue about my ugliness. All I knew was that my sister was the most beautiful woman in the world – and I’d never come close to her beauty.” She later noted, “We don’t need to compare. We just need to be.” See, even the wonderful Miss Jackson if you’re nasty was once looking at herself and thinking, “Something just ain’t right,” and it’s because she felt it necessary to compare what she had to her sister. That’s the thing though, it’s become the norm to do such a thing. Hell, I’m sure Janet, even after all these years, still compares herself to some woman out there. So no one is above it, but what we can learn from Janet is that we need to learn to control the comparisons.

Cut down and out the comparisons and be happier with who you are. That’s what this week is about, being okay with who you are – inside and out. Yes, it’s impossible to be 100% but if we could all get to a solid 75%, we’d all smile a lot more. To those who think those who are okay with who they are on the outside are cocky, they’re not. It’s just that you’re so insecure in who you are, you have to find something to break them down because there’s a huge difference between cocky and confident. Cocky comes with a douchebag attitude, confidence comes with a sense of relief when one realizes it’s okay to love who themselves.

So again, that’s what this week is all about. It’s the opposite of low self-esteem. It’s the opposite of feeling low because of your weight. It’s the opposite of hiding your face because of some blemishes. It’s about being okay with who you are, and happy with what you got. It’s something that not many can truly say about themselves, but we’ll talk about those things as we speak with an organization all about accepting yourself, the realization of not caring what others think coming with age, women embracing themselves more in the media and more.


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