Acne Cream that Cleans a Clear Face…
It’s always been delightful to see a makeup wearing model doing an acne commercial. Like, how did she just splash water on her face but still look like she just walked out of the makeup chair after a two-hour session? Like many other products, acne ads and all those commercials are selling the world what they want; an idea that if you use this product, they will be perfect – but honey, do we always have to revert back to Hannah Montana? “Nobody’s perfect.” Remember that.

As much as you want to believe using this and that will rid you of blemishes forever, that’s just not the case. Yes, most will help but if you think you’re going to wake up free of them for the rest of your life, you’re as gullible as a sheltered suburbanite. It’s weird when you think about it, like – we’re an advanced culture in many respects but advertisements still have a major hold on us. From their false promises to the masses that make us believe in some miracle cure. It’s like those people who share pictures of Jesus on Facebook who really think that act will save a life, it’s all silly in the end.

So the next time you see a commercial selling this idea of beauty and what it should be – look away, turn to a mirror and know that what you’re working with is okay because those imaged on the screen are far from real. You cannot splash water on your face, and not look like a wet puppy. Your makeup will not miraculously be done after a two-second routine. Acne does not disappear overnight or with a quick spritz of cream and water.


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