Being Proactive: Grown Up Blemishes
Pimples, zits, acne – whatever you call it, it’s a commonality of life. There is no one on earth who’s gone through puberty who hasn’t had at least one or two or three breakouts that have left them freaking out. I mean, just one pimple on prom night has been the plot line of at least 300 teen-related TV shows and movies, right? That’s teenagers though. When you’re that age, looks are weighed ten times heavier than any other era of your life…or so we think. According to Richard Fried’s Healing Adult Acne: Your Guide to Clear Skin & Self-Confidence, “Recent studies suggest that adult acne is becoming increasingly common,” adding, “…many will have their acne worsen substantially as they enter their twenties with more extensive and inflamed lesions.” He says it’s because “Adult acne lesions tend to be deeper, more cystic and more localized” than the kind of acne that comes about in your teens.

When you’re looking in the mirror and freaking out, know that you are not alone. So don’t stress about it too much because that can really just fuck up those hormones more, and cause more blemishes to erupt and take over your face. What you should first and foremost is calm down, and then make an appointment to see a dermatologist because if you’re struggling with acne that is on the extreme side, it can cause you to have low self-esteem and feel bad about who you are because your appearance isn’t as clear as you’d like. Now if you have like one or two zits every once in awhile, then really calm down, and move on with your life – they’ll soon be a distant memory.

Again, those who are dealing with major breakouts – dermatologist is the way to go because they can help you find out what’s going on beneath the surface and get you on track with a treatment. Also, there’s always changing your diet and lifestyle. Yes, that’s a new age way of thinking, but what you do and put in your body affects more than your waistline. People who change their diets often notice better hair, clearer skin and feeling better all-around. So when medicines fail, try a more natural approach. How your friend cleared their face may not be the way to go when it comes to yours. Never be afraid to try a new remedy.
Those that are dealing with a couple here and there, you’re being over dramatic and just need to either pop and go, or just ignore them until they’re on their way out. There’s no definitive way to have clear skin 100% of the time. Even the most perfect men and women we see in the media deal with this. They just happen to have a team of experts ready to roll with the best makeup products money can by. Now as a woman who does not believe in makeup, I personally would never use it to cover up a zit but by all means, it is a quick fix that others are more than welcomed to give a go.

Your face is the first thing people see when they look at you. It’s your opening line without ever saying a word and when it’s not to your liking, it can be a bummer. So it’s understandable that any imperfection on your face would be a let down, but there are numerous ways to deal, you just have to find the one that works for you and not stress too much – it’ll only make it worse.

Over the next week we’ll talk to a girl who dove deep inside her mental state on her journey to accepting her face, talk more about my makeup ban while then talking about the bombardment of makeup commercials and more.

The Highs and Lows of Adult Acne

  1. Health Line states the three causes of acne are: too much oil is produced by your follicles, dead skin cells accumulate in your pores and bacteria builds up in your pores.
  2. Adults can get pimples well into their 50’s. At least that’s what AAD reports.
  3. When it comes to curbing the acne, Prevention suggests less dairy, natural tea oil, reducing your salt intake and some other ways.
  4. Healthy Women says that for women, acne could still be a problem after their teens thanks to good ol’ PMS.
  5. Fried reports that at least 80% of us will experience acne at some point in our lives.

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