That’s Botched Up
There are a lot of people who walk away from their plastic surgery procedures without much pain or scarring. Candice didn’t have too much trouble with hers and she’s lucky for that because for those who decide to go the cheap route or just get the short end of the stick with theirs – it’s not so great dealing with. On top of health problems that could lead to death, we’ve seen a number of oddities come through Botched on E! From one breast winding up bigger than the other to horrendous scarring to well, most recently a man who went in to get his breast implants taken out…implants he got as part of a bet almost two decades ago. See, that’s a case of too much money and not enough sense.

Going back to Candice again. She mentioned how when someone appears on the show who comes across as one of those mentally unstable folks who are a little more than addicted to the knife, the doctors to recommend they leave and seek therapy. Which, frankly – I’m surprised. The medical realm banks on the sick and unstable. So it’s nice to see that they’re not all about the money, and have some sort of moral compass buried deep inside of them because that’s what should happen. Think about it, a lot of people who get these things poked and tucked the first time, there’s nothing really wrong with them on the surface. How we see ourselves is all mental anyway. You could tell someone they were great looking every day, but so long as they looked in the mirror and saw an “imperfection,” your words would fall on deaf ears.

Going back to the basic premise of the show though, if you are going to go through with getting something done – for your own sake and health, do the research on both the procedure and the doctor. I mean, there may be some of you out there who spend more time investigating where to grab a bite to eat than figuring out which doctor to go with. Sad, but true for many. So be advised that these Botched guys are in Beverly Hills and that if you screw up, you may not be able to afford them, or anyone else, to fix it. This show shines a very bright and unapologetic light on those who didn’t get it right the first, or perhaps the second and third time – and for most, their mistakes can be fixed, but in rare occasions they’re stuck like that for life.


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