Reaching Perfection’s Like Reaching the Moon…
…not many do it, and it’s fake when they do. This has been a sentiment of mine since I was in high school, or perhaps it was college. I can’t remember if it was something scribbled on my wall as a teen or on my MySpace come early adulthood. Nevertheless, the idea of looking a certain way has always been a concern. I’m human of course. To find someone 100% okay with the way they look would be harder to find than a unicorn. While I struggled with my own look for years, be it wishing for less pigment, wanting the scale to play a lighter tune or cursing my curly hair – I never once thought plastic surgery was something that’d change how I felt about my outward appearance. Maybe the fat sacks I swear mock the upper part of my arms, but in reality – nah, plastic surgery, in my opinion, should be reserved for those who are by all means…disfigured past “normal.”

A fan of TLC specials featuring people born with body oddities, it’s clear there are people way more in need of surgery when compared to the Housewives of Beverly Hills. Those people are chasing some sort of image of perfection they’ll never reach, while those other people just want to live their life without the constant stares. Am I totally against plastic surgery no, not at all. When broken down, I really don’t care whether or not someone goes in and has their nose done, or their breasts tampered with. It’s like when people want to modify their bodies with piercings and tattoos. It’s doing something to change what you were given at birth, and that’s okay – but personally, I just feel plastic surgery isn’t necessary for most of the population that gets it based on the belief that people are usually fine the way they are.

Wrapping this up, the idea of getting anything like that done – I can honestly say that I will never do it. One, because I don’t think I’ll ever had enough money to do both that and go on living, and two – I know what I don’t like about myself and I don’t think injecting my face or lifting my boobs will fix it. I’ve seen the power of daytime TV makeovers. I know how much you can improve a person with a little hair sprucing up and a nice wardrobe. So I’ll stick with that route.


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