Under the Knife with No Regrets

As a woman who grew up working retail, Candice Green has always been around the female form. Later she notes how that had an affect on her decision to get some work down upstairs in the breast department seven years ago. Knowing very few people who’ve gone in for any sort of surgery like this, I knew she was the one I could turn to about the topic. So below is what someone who’s had work done and doesn’t think it’s a problem had to say about plastic surgery, the mental aspect of it and more.

Kendra: Was your decision in any way influenced by what you saw in the media?

Candice Green: The media always has an impact on the way we see ourselves, as well as influence in the aesthetic changes we make. I believe the biggest influence was working at DvF, and being around gorgeous women, in gorgeous dresses. My desire was to look more appealing in the dresses I wore to work, as well as to appear more proportionate.

Kendra: Have you ever had any health complications from your procedure?

Candice: Yes. The day after the procedure, you go in to see the doctor and he unwraps the bandages to make sure everything is good to go. When he removed the bandages, which was a large wrap, he noticed that my skin was having an adverse reaction to the liquid adhesive that was applied for the bandages. My skin was red in multiple areas surrounding my breasts. Typically, you wear the wrap for five-seven days following surgery. Due to the reaction, my doctor permanently removed the wrap. At my checkup, a week later, he examined the reaction, as well as my healing progress. During the visit we discussed the drastic amount of stretch marks produced from the enhancement. He prescribed me Retin A to alleviate the stretch marks, and aid in the recovery of the allergic reaction. In addition, I experienced major numbness under my right arm and on the outer edges of my breasts for about six months. I still have some degree of numbness, but it feels more hyper-sensitive at times too.

The Retin A was a success in regards to the stretch marks, but did not improve the damage from the reaction. I have a dime sized scar, to the right of my right breast, parallel to my right arm. I also have a small scar on the inner right side of my cleavage. Other than that, I have not had any other complications.

Kendra: Did potential health risks initially scare you and make you weary of going through with it though?

Candice: I was aware of the risks prior to making my decision, but it was slightly frightening signing next to each potential risk before surgery.

Kendra: What do you say to people who believe plastic surgery is vain?

Candice: I believe that any aesthetic choice is driven by the notion that one will feel better as a result. I do not believe that anyone should be judged for having plastic surgery, at the same time, I respect the opinions of others. Opinions are subjective, and can be respected, although not agreed with.

Kendra: Because some people who get one thing done, end up getting obsessed and continue to have things nipped and tucked. When it gets to that point, do you think they need to reach out to someone for mental help, or should they just continue to have surgery until they’re physically happy?

Candice: Let’s just say I would be happy, if all surgeons were like Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif, on E!’s hit show, Botched. I am believer that if someone has body dysmorphic disorder, or delusions to a degree of concern, then they should be referred for mental health services. In some cases, not be considered a qualified candidate for plastic surgery, until signed off by a mental health practitioner. If the excessive plastic surgery has no impact educationally, vocationally, or relationally, then, let the cutting begin!

Kendra: Are you going to get more done sooner or later?

Candice: I haven’t had any plastic surgery since my breast augmentation in 2008. I have indulged in some photo rejuvenation for a broken blood vessel on my nose, and I utilized groupon for laser hair removal for my ‘cha-cha,’ but that is the extent of esthetic pampering I have undergone, unless you count tattoos.

I would love to get a little collagen in my lips, but my fear of looking like Lisa Rinna has held me back.

Kendra: Lastly, what is the biggest high of having had plastic surgery – and what has been the biggest low?

Candice: Biggest high, by far, was walking into Frederick’s of Hollywood and Victoria’s Secret and buying gorgeous bras, sizes 26D and 34DD, WITHOUT PUSHUP! For someone who has been lift their tatas to the sky since Christ was a child, it felt nice to just put a bra on without all that foam fakin it for me. Second high, is definitely having ‘titty twerkin’ ability. Always a crowd favorite.

Biggest low, hmmm, I’m not sure if there has been a low. I love my boobs. I love that people consult me before having theirs done. I love how I am now more of an hourglass and not a pear. No complaints here, and for that, I am one of the lucky ones.


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