Make Me Look Like Steve Guttenberg: The Plastics
The idea of looking like Steve Guttenberg didn’t spawn from his stunning performance in the Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen classic, It Takes Two – but rather a joke Patton Oswalt told about people getting plastic surgery to look like celebrities, and that what if this has been the thing in the 80’s? We’d have a world full of men rocking a Guttenberg face. Of course those aren’t the only types of procedures people go under the knife for – oh no. People have managed to find a way to tuck, pull, boost and shave almost every part of their body. Calf implants? Let us never forget that guy on True Life: I’m Wasting Money on Calf Implants, or whatever it was titled.

That’s the thing though, to me any sort of surgery for vanity reasons is a waste of time, but to many others – it’s a necessity to live a “normal” life. Which is understandable when someone was born looking like a TLC special, but when it’s something like calf implants? I’m not too sure why anyone would fathom paying for something like that. Despite what I believe, people are paying more than I’ll likely make this year for some pretty interesting procedures. According to a 2014 article, these were the average costs of the following:

  1. Breast Augmentation $6,500
  2. Eyelid Surgery $4,075
  3. Facelift $11,000
  4. Liposuction $5,900
  5. Rhinoplasty $6,850
  6. Arm Lift $8,375
  7. Brow Lift $7,825
  8. Chin Augmentation $4,025
  9. Lip Implants $2,500
  10. Thigh Lift $8,775
It scares me that some may look at these and think, “Oh that’s not that bad.” For those people, go fly off in your private jets.

Back to why though, there are a million and one reasons why people will shell out the bills to get these things done. Most feel it will make them look a thousand times better than their genetics did. Some again, want to resemble their favorite celebrities, and then there are those who get one thing and then cannot stop. Like tattoos, the feeling of augmentation can get addicting and when that happens, therapy is suggested because you can only nip and tuck before looking like a cat person. While it’s not necessary for most of the population, plastic surgery is a necessity for those who were born with disfigurements. Be in a missing ear, or an extra limb.

Plastic surgery is usually done by those who view themselves as needing some sort of improvement and this week we’ll talk to a woman who went under the knift, explore why only those on TLC need it and dive into the world of E’s Botched.

The Highs and Lows of Plastic Surgery

  1. In 2012, 14.6 million cosmetic plastic surgery procedures were performed in the US.
  2. It’s no surprise that breast augmentations are the most popular of the procedures.
  3. Cindy Jackson holds the world record for the most plastic surgery procedures with 52 total.
  4. Smart Plastic Surgery states some risks of plastic surgery include: blood clots, brain damage, and worst case scenario – death.
  5. Health A Lot reports some of the riskiest procedures include injection lipolysis, body lifts and limb lengthening.



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