The Scale Diaries: Top 10 Things to Worry About Other Than Your Weight
Whether you think you’re too big or too small, it’s pretty hard to hit the nail on the head when it comes to the “ideal” weight. With that, it’s time to stop worrying about your pant size and start thinking of other things because trust – there are bigger things in this world going on. Some aren’t as serious as others, but you’ll soon see that weight isn’t really #1.

10. Betty White Dying
Really though, you’re not more important than the last Golden Girl’s eternity.

9. Your Pet’s Health
Since when is this not top priority?

8. The Simpsons’ Series Finale
Seriously though, sometimes I can just sit and wonder how they’ll wrap up that series that’s been going on for like 3434131 years.

7. Your Zombie Apocalypse Squad

Hint: Not that kid…

Best friends today, dead weight tomorrow. If the undead ever took over the world, it’s important to know who you’d want as your first draft picks.

6. The Rising Cost of Living
The price of rent is too damn high!


We don’t need a photo of them, so enjoy this.

‘Nuff said.

4. Donald Trump Being President

We don’t need a picture of him, so enjoy this.

Jeez, he may as well be in ISIS.

3. A Love Life
You don’t know how many eyes I’ve rolled when people think their weight has everything to do with how they look. I’ve watched a many a TLC special, the smallest and biggest people can find love. Stop making excuses.

2. Your Health
Don’t focus on the numbers on the scale. Just focus on keeping the heart right.

1. Happiness
After the heart, worry about keeping that mind right too. So many put their happiness on the back burner, it’s time to put it up front.

See…now that you’re worrying about all of those, you’re weight’s out of the picture, right?


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