Get On that Christina Joint: Top 10 Ways to Improve Self-Esteem
Things aren’t going to improve overnight, but you can start to take baby steps toward raising that self-esteem.

10. Be Kinder to Others
In order to be more positive, spread it a little more.

9. Write Down a Few Good Things About Yourself

8. Don’t Compare Yourself Others,-everyone-else-is-taken

7. Do You
Stop doing everything to make everyone else smile and focus on yourself for once.

6. Focus on What You Can, Instead of What You Cannot
Basically, if you can change it – go for it, and if you can’t – then stop worrying about it.

5. Exercise

4. Hang Out with Better People
Don’t spend all your time with people who tear you down. Simple as that.

3. Get Some Professional Help

2. Know Mistakes Happen
Life is far from perfect, so be okay with making a few mistakes

1. Hush that Little Voice Inside Your Head
We’re our worst critic, so tell it to shut up once in awhile.


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