When It All Falls Down: The Jacqueline White Scenario

Have you gotten around to binge watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt yet? If not, you are allowed to leave this post immediately to watch. For the rest of you, you know all about Jacqueline White and her first world problems. A rich trophy wife ended up losing her financial comfort zone via divorce. Of course you learn that she grew up with less than on a Native American reservation, but wanted nothing more than to ditch that place for city living. Then comes the divorce where she only got a few million and wound up back with her parents. Yes, only a few – but come season two we see a newish Jacqueline, but not before we witness what it’s like when you pull the expensive ass rug out from a Have.

Whether you grew up poor or rich, when money does enter your life – there’s a certain comfort level you get used to. Lush products, annual vacations to far off lands, cars that haven’t had a previous owner, and so forth and so on. That was certainly the case with Jacqueline, and when her world became dismal and what she considered broke, we saw her breakdown. This is of course in comparison to Kimmy who is always the optimistic, even after being kidnapped and held in a bunker for 15 years. The Have could not deal with any sort of struggle, while the Have Not was able to quickly seize the day. We go back to the safety net idea we talked about when it came to the privileged adults who have their parent’s hand still helping them out. A crisis in their world can cause quite the stir, while the same thing would likely not even shake a person who was used to hardship…because when you’ve seen the bottom of the barrel a million times over, not much can startle you.

Jacqueline soon forget where she came from once the money started rolling in and because of her wealth, she didn’t know how to survive once it was taken away. She latched onto the help of Kimmy. If not for that bright-eyed girl, Jacqueline would be wandering the streets of Manhattan babbling to herself about a sale at Barneys. There she was a grown woman, who seemed as helpless as a newborn. Thankfully though, she realizes this a ways into season two and starts to grow a backbone of her own. She went from a normal person to an over the top Have to what she considered a low-end millionaire to a legit wreck. Finally though, she found a real purpose and I think we’ll see a whole new Jacqueline White come 2017 when season three is binged that weekend it’s released.

So here’s the thing, the Haves that get too used to things can often times forget that the world isn’t always going to be paved in nice meals and designer jeans. There’s a reality to realize before it’s too late. No one wants to end up out of their comfort zone completely rattled, using a Mentos as a front tooth with nothing more than a stained rug. The upside to being a Have is of course being financially free, but the downside can be the bubble it builds around you when it comes to learning actual survival skills.


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