Please Don’t Tell Me You’re Broke Unless You’re Arm is in a Cast
Hearing people talk about how “broke” they are when they just dropped $200 on this, $100 on that and took a weekend trip to Maui makes me cringe inside. Just be cool with having money and don’t try and play the broke card when you’re far from it. People with money don’t bother me. It’s the ones who don’t realize just how much of a “Have” they really are. If I had financial freedom, I can assure you I’d likely still be cheap because I was raised by a woman who will never spend more than $5 on a pair of shoes, and thinks the legit 99 Cent Store is fancy. While still cheap in this fantasy world, I would like to think I’d never utter the words “I’m totally broke right now.” Maybe it’s because I find it as offensive as those people who wear glasses that are void of prescriptions. Why play poor when you’re fine on the money side?

Alas though, that fantasy may never be my reality as I’m even closer to 30 as I sit and write this and I’m still working the nontraditional route. There are no 401ks in freelance. Only an old VHS box that houses my out-of-the-bank savings. Remember on Monday when I had to breakdown what a 401k even was? That was because I legitimately did not know until I picked up that book late last year. My dad had a regular job, but his lack of living with us growing up – I didn’t have him to let me in on this type of thing. My mom worked at a liquor store/deli and it’s not like they were handing out retirement funds, only headaches and a lesson in dealing with drunks on the daily. So my early introduction to employment was that you’re going to work hard, have just enough, and have deal with it.
That’s what I do now. I often times work 12 hour days to get my things done and at the end, I may have less than others who hold down 9-5’s, but I’m getting there. Learning the power of The Dollar Tree, not having to buy new clothes but rather waiting for a sale and other tips have granted me a slowly growing “when shit goes down” fund. Really though, I’m climbing out of the poor house gradually and if I could only ditch the bitch I currently work for and replace her with something that paid a little more and treated me like a human – I’d be back to where I was a couple years ago before I had to walk into that Welfare office for the first time.

Not poor in the sense that I am starving and standing at the exit of the 405 with a sign asking for a handout, but not enough in the bank to be free of financial stress – I’d like to think I’m a step above struggling and about 18 flight of stairs away from being near my peers when it comes to being okay with my money situation. Right now my biggest case of worry though, funny enough, doesn’t sit with money woes but mental ones. The aforementioned bitch, yeah – we need to part ways soon before I pull all of my hair out. Not a have right now, but not quite a have not. I can say “I’m broke” around the first of the month when everything’s due, but a week or so later, I’m able to buy feminine products without having to take out a loan, and for that – I’m grateful. So people with money who can just drop $200 on this and that and not have it break your heart, just thank your lucky stars you can and don’t front about it.



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