Broke as a Joke and Still Waiting on a Punchline: Top 10 Ways to Save When Funds are Low
Being broke isn’t the best of times, but it doesn’t have to be the worst of times for long. There are a lot of ways to save up when the cash isn’t flowing in as much as you’d like. Here are 10 ways guaranteed to help you save when you’re low on cash.

10. Go Generic
Often times, you can’t tell the difference between the store brand and the name brand when it comes to food, hygiene products and other things like cleaning supplies.

9. Throw a Clothes Swap Party with Friends
Instead of heading to the mall for a new ensemble, gather all your friends and the clothes ya’ll don’t want anymore and raid one another’s wardrobes.

8. Hit the “Free” Section in Craigslist
Why buy a new dresser, bike or desk when people are just tossing their old stuff on the sidewalk and posting about it?

7. Get Crafty with Gifts
Pinterest is a gift from the heavens. Seriously, you could make half the stuff in the home section of Target for half the price if you just tried.

6. Shop with a List
Making a list and sticking to it helps you stay not only on task, but on budget too.

5. Find Yourself at the 99 Cent Store
This place is a glorious mecca for the broke brethren.

4. Take Public Transportation
Parking, gas, insurance. Switch to your local public transit for a month and see how much it saved you.

3. Get a Library Card
They’re not only for bookworms. They have music and movies to borrow too!

2. Keep the Change
Saving your change can really add up over time.

1. Stop Eating Out
All those burgers and fries add up…


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