The Veruca Salt Mines: Top 10 Characteristics of a Spoiled Adult

We’re not talking about those who are more privileged than others today. No, we’re counting down the characteristics of the downright spoiled adults out there. The ones who are granted a life that’s far beyond their means compared to their peers. 20 and 30-somethings who could be the next Paris and Nicole circa 2003.

10. Dependent
They have a hard time being on their own because they’re so used to having their parents tend to them.

9. Delusional
They don’t understand the world has hardships because they’ve yet to face them.

8. Less Flexible
They’re more stubborn to let others have their way.

7. Often Blame Others When Things Don’t Go Their Way
Since they’re used to having it go their way.

6. Disrespectful
It’s not rare they’ll have a disdain for authority.

5. Lack Responsibility
This goes back to the dependency.

4. Want a Caregiver, Not a Partner
They usually date people who can take care of them, instead of love them.

3. Expect Things to Come Easily
The struggle is not real for them.

2. Not Great with Money
They often don’t think before they spend.

1. In Constant Need of Attention
When out with friends, they’re louder than most and make sure to steal any spotlight that’s shining – or else.


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