Sallie Scam: Top 10 Ways to Avoid Student Loan Debt
With the cost of college continuing to rise, student loans are inevitable for most. For that, here are 10 ways to try and at least avoid being in crippling debt when it’s all said and done. For those of us already there, don’t you wish someone had given us these tips?

10. Run
Simple, but yeah – avoiding them all together is your best best, but when you can’t do that…the rest of these will help.

9. Work During High School
If you’re not an athlete or a super honors student, you can’t rely too much on a free ride. So that time you spend after school just hanging around, get to work and start saving up.

8. Go Fast
Try and make a plan that gets you to that graduation stage faster.

7. Be a Resident Advisor
You’ll have power and a free place to stay.

6. Get an Installment Plan
Who can pay all at once? Try and enroll in an installment plan as soon as you can.

5. Apply to ALL Scholarships
There are way too many out there not being taken advantage of, get on it!

4. Take General Ed Classes at Community College

3. Become Thrifty as Fuck
You do not need that new pair of Jordans or the latest iPhone. You will live without them for now.

2. Get Financial Aid
FASFA, the most important acronym you’ll ever hear during college.

1. Work Part-Time in College
You’ll be glad you did. Trust me, I regret not doing it.


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