Loan Me an Adult Life
Here’s a bit of advice, if your tuition and dorm is all paid for thanks to coming from a low-income family – do not take a summer course. I went three years with everything usually taken care of because I did come from a single-parent household that made less than half of what some of my peers make today. With that, I never had to take out a loan and was almost ready to walk away from college with only a degree…almost.

No clue of what I wanted to do after, but I was going to be free of debt. Which we’ve come to learn is a rarity. Instead I did summer school before my senior year and screwed up my financial aid. It was the end of my last semester and I was freaking out. I wasn’t going to be able to graduate because of those few months of summer. Today I can recall two things from that summer; F’n MTV and Taco Tuesdays. Neither were courses given at CSUN. So I sat there, with my mom on the other end of the phone, and decided to take out a loan.
She said to get all of it. I should have just gotten what I needed, but today I’m glad I did. Very little went to CSUN in the end. The rest went towards moving out of my mom’s after graduation. Today I think I have as much in the bank as I did the day I signed the lease to that first apartment. College, the path to a better life…right? Minimal  career aside, I’m thankful I took out the most I could and am also thankful it’s not THAT much in comparison to some people I know. I don’t owe what it takes to buy a new car, maybe a used one. With a smaller than most amount looming over my head, I’m hopeful I won’t die with Sallie Mae owning my first born, or whatever it is their Terms and Conditions state.

Without that one summer that was 90% messing around and 10% school, I wouldn’t have ran out of financial aid. Without that mishap – I wouldn’t have ever had enough money to move out of Cabazon and back to Valley aka the Cabazon of Los Angeles. No really, it’s just a cement version with more public transportation. So while I’m like, ugh…stupid loan that never seems to go down, without it I may still be in my mom’s den listening to my younger brother continuously argue with his baby mama about stupid things only they are able to find the drama in. For that, I am thankful and grateful.


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