What Are They Hiding?

This is the first week I have no interview to share. This isn’t because I failed at reaching out. I asked a friend who works at a school if she could connect me to anyone who worked in their financial department. She was nice enough to give me an email – I never heard back. Then I spent an hour or so reaching out to the heads of Sallie Mae. You wouldn’t be surprised to hear they are all elderly white men who never other to answer their LinkedIn messages. While on LinkedIn, I decided to search for others who may work in the financial aid department of colleges. More unanswered messages were soon my reality. Last but not least, I called Sallie Mae directly and was told no one there could answer my quick questions. They were pretty general as I was running out of time and wanted to be able to shoot them out when and if I ever got a response. You can see what people who work in or around student loans never took the time to answer.


  • Where did you go to school and what was your major?
  • Did you owe anything when you graduated and if so – how did long did it take you to pay is back?
  • Why is the price of college so much in the end? It’s not like most schools even provide the textbooks like high school?
  • Moving to loans, how do we fight to get the interest rates down on those?
  • What is your golden, go-to advice for students when it comes to taking out loans to pay for education?
  • It’s always bothered me that students complain about the cost of college but do so while wearing new Nikes and talking on the latest iPhone. Do you think students have their values mixed up in situations like that?
  • Staying on that note, are students failing at taking full advantage of all of the ones offered each year?
  • In all honesty though, I’d give back my degree if they’d take away that debt owed. Do you think any college would ever offer that – a program that if your degree did nothing for you career wise, you could have your money back/debts cleared?
  • What do you feel the biggest high is for students when it comes to student loans?
  • On the opposite end, what’s the biggest low of them?


Those weren’t too bad, were they? They weren’t accusing them of being Satan or anything. So it made me curious as to why these people are so quick to give us these loans and reach out to us when we owe – but are as quiet as a monk with a vow of silence when asked to talk about it. What are they hiding, and do I have to move to where the Sallie Mae headquarters is to get to the bottom of this? I really think that’s the only way we’ll ever get an inside look to this realm because if you ain’t in it – you’re stuck on the outside with no chance of ever looking in.


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