Watercooler Associates: Top 10 Ways to Tell If You and Your Coworkers are Too Close

Being friendly with your coworkers makes the days go by, even being friends with them isn’t too bad if you’re that kind of person but there are times when coworker friendships cross a line and these are them. Here are the top 10 ways you can tell if you and that damn Carol are too close.

10. The Idea of Matching Work Buddy Tattoos Have Been Mentioned Once or Twice


9. Every Conversation of Yours Starts with a Variation of, “So at Work Today…”


8. They’re Your Kids Damn Godparents


7. The Last Three People You Texted Were People from Work


6. You Guys Have Started Dressing the Same…and Your Job Doesn’t Require a Uniform


5. You Always Hang Out on Your Days Off


4. Your Wedding Party Contained More Coworkers than Family Members


3. Your Friends Outside of Work Never See You Anymore


2. Happy Hour is Basically Just an Extension of Your Day at Work


1. They Know too Much about Your Bedroom Antics



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